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After Care and Maintenance

Dining and Coffee Tables

  • Do not place any hot dishes or pans directly onto the surface, this can leave heat rings.

  • Do not cut anything directly on the surface. 

  • If there is a spillage, try to avoid it from pooling on the surface and wipe immediately with a damp cloth, or a dry cloth if it is only water. 

  • Light Oil Finish - Beautiful, naturally light finish, leaving a slightly matte effect on the oak. This finish reduces colour change in the wood following oiling and reduces colour variation in the wood. Great for a modern, bright space.

  • Medium Oil Finish - Slightly darkens the oak making it a blonde colour. Provides a modern yet less pale finish.

  • Dark Oil Finish - Brings out the lovely grain pattern, knots and darker spots on the usually light oak. Warming the colour of the table by seeping into the oak, this finish is a more traditional oak colour making the wood more brown and orange in parts.

  • Please refer to your maintenance instruction provided following delivery for full guidance. If you've received your table without maintenance instructions, let us know and we can get some sent out to you.

  • All our tables are made using the highest quality wood that has been kiln dried to extremely low moisture levels to stop any major movement in the top when room temperatures and humidity's can commonly fluctuate. It is advised not to cover the table with a table cover or cloth with any natural finish - by doing so restricts the natural air flow across the wood and can make it "Sweat" which can increase the chance of imperfections. Where possible, avoid locating your table directly next to a radiator or any heating unit. As the wood is still a natural product it can expand and contract by very small amounts, this can lead to minor imperfections in the wood top in the form of minor imperfections in the grain pattern. This is expected with all wood and natural items and usually compliments its natural form, beauty and "Realness". Lack of oiling of the table top, or placing the table in close to proximity to a heat or cold source usually encourages this to happen. Well oiled wood seals your table, preventing any humidity/moisture to affect the oak.

Request Oiling and Maintenance Literature

If you don't have your order number to hand, drop us a quick email :)

By following your aftercare oiling instructions and the above user guidance will ensure your product lasts a lifetime.

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