Carbon-Neutral Furniture: UK sourced Railway sleepers

The UK rail network is one of the oldest in the world, with the British utilising rail as an effective and efficient way of transporting not only goods and materials but people as well. The first locomotive railway opened in 1825. 

Around 1800 Wooden sleepers were used per every mile of track, that's around 17 Million across the UK Rail Network.

The majority of wooden railway sleepers have now been removed and left to rot,  replaced with concrete counter-parts.

Platform Design crafts furniture from railway sleepers to create a rustic, bespoke and entirely individual interior within your home - furniture with character and a story - whilst in the process recycling and re-purposing wood that would otherwise emit CO2 and other green-house gases if left to decay over 100s of years. This also means no trees are further cut down in the process! #savethetrees

A lot of operational railway sleepers were treated with a toxic substance, creosote, to prevent wear and tear from the relentless and ever changing British weather - we DON'T use these treated sleepers.

Platform Design Oxford sources used railway sleepers, that are completely un-treated, from all over the UK.  Some pieces you literally couldn't pick up off the highstreet. 

We pride ourselves as a Carbon-Neutral and environmentally aware company.

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